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What is World Occupational Therapy Week?

World Occupational Therapy Week is an annual celebration of occupational therapy, designed to promote, increase the visibility of, and celebrate occupational therapists around the world.

Surprisingly, many Australians aren’t aware what occupational therapy is, or how it enables so many different people to lead rich, fulfilling lives.

On World OT Day, it’s our job – and yours – to spread the good word.  Make OTs more visible by visiting WFOT and finding out how to promote occupational therapy in your local and online communities.

Occupational Therapy Day was first launched on 27th October 2010 by the WFOT (World Federation of Occupational Therapy). This led to many global, national, and local activities that celebrate OTs.

How can Occupational Therapy help me?

Occupational therapists work with adults of all ages, children and families, who have physical, social or mental health needs. OTs can assist with rehabilitation, pain management, driving assessments, support in schools, home modifications and equipment prescriptions amongst other things. Occupational therapists can work with you to identify interests and goals, manage daily routines at home and in the community, modify daily tasks to make them easier to perform, and recommend activities you can participate in.

Our Occupational Therapy Team

Golden Age’s OTs work with all conditions and people of all ages, to address each person’s individual needs. We can come to you at home or see you as part of our Residential Aged Care services.

Bridget Thaninayagham

Bridget is a passionate and enthusiastic Occupational Therapists who is committed to empowering her clients through providing a tailored service to help find her clients strength and build upon them.

Through her work in the NDIS, Age Care, Hospitals & volunteer placements in Pune India, Bridget has developed a skill set including such activities as, managing 4a and 4b complex pain management, Home modifications, Equipment prescriptions, Sensory diets, Functional assessments and many more.

Anna Lin

Anna has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. Anna has loads of experience working with children with Autism, ADHD & Development delay.

Anna has worked with participants and their families in all areas of assessment skills of physical, cognitive and social capabilities & is excellent with program development for short & long term goals.

She is specialised in Occupational therapy for adults with stroke, spinal cord & traumatic brain injuries. Anna is also bilingual and speaks fluent English & Chinese