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Behaviour Therapy Services – Sydney

Positive Behaviour Support Clinicians

Our Behaviour Therapy Services – Sydney focus on providing people with disability and their families the tools they need to help people live their best life. Our clinicians will work with you to implement & promote positive behaviour change.

As an organisation, we are registered under the NDIS to provide Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support (CB Relationships –11_022_0110_7_3)  and Behaviour Management Plan (CB Daily Activity 11_023_0110_7_3)  Including Training in Behaviour Management Strategies. 

When should I see a Behaviour Support Clinician?

We work within a multidisciplinary framework to provide behavioural therapy in residential, educational and vocational settings. This assists people with behavioural challenges to meet their needs effectively.

  • Our Behaviour Therapy Services Sydney are happy to come to you, providing support in your home, school and day care.
Behaviour Therapy

What do Behaviour Support Clinicians do?

  • Conduct behavioural assessments, including functional analysis, and provide interpretations of the results
  • Formulate and implement behavioural interventions
  • Provide behavioural advice, guidance and consultation to families, support staff and other professionals contributing directly to peoples’ assessment, analysis and intervention plans within a Positive Behaviour Support Framework
  • Manage highly complex information and sensitive situations involving exposure to distressing, traumatic and emotional material, including exposure to challenging behaviours
  • Communicate in a skilled and sensitive manner, information concerning the assessment, formulation and intervention plans of people under their care.

What other benefits can I expect from a Behaviour Support Clinician?

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Highly personalised service that works in partnership with you to achieve agreed goals
  • Meaningful participation in the community
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved daily living