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The goal of NDIS functional Capacity assessment is to provide an accurate picture of an individual’s functional capacity. This assessment looks at strengths, limitations and the participants support needs.

Functional Capacity Assessments

Why use an NDIS specialist clinician?

An NDIS specialist clinician understands the depth and detail required to ensure that your participants can justify the level of funding needed to participate in their day to day activity.

As an NDIS registered provider, Golden Age clinicians ensure that our Functional Assessments go to great detail whilst considering the social and cultural context.

  • Physical – Strength, Range of Motion, Coordination, Timing, Mobility
  • Cognitive – Decision making, Task planning, Problem solving
  • Emotional – Informal/formal support networks, Leisure activities
  • Self-maintenance – Dressing, meal preparation, cleaning, rest
  • Productivity – Return to work occupations, Financial organisation

We ensure that we are able to justify in great detail the level of support the participants require day to day.

If you would like to referral a Functional Capacity Assessment to us, click here.